Posted by: Maggie | September 18, 2007

Bible Reading 90 Day Marathon

Someone has been asking me for some time to find a study we could do to help them get a better overview of the Bible.  We’ve looked at several studies and ideas…none of them hit home.  Today, I was praying again about a direction, and we examined several Bible reading plans.  This one coincides best with our “10 weeks of commitment”.   We will do a Bible reading marathon and attempt to complete the Bible in 88 days, with two grace days to spare.  The time will take about 45 minutes of reading a day.  Apparently, for the average TV watcher…this is just the commercial time we waste anyway.  For the newspaper reader, it is 3-4 pages of the Wall Street Journal or USA Today. 

The average American is said to read only seven minutes of the Bible a day on average, while watching 5 hours of TV. 

There are special Bibles and a special “promotion” for 90 day reading, developed by a former agnostic, who, half-way through his 90 day reading thrust to get an overview of the Bible, accepted Christ as Lord.  I imagine that put him somewhere in I Samuel, which is an interesting place to accept Christ!  In any case, we are going to give it a go.  I want to use my own Bibles…I have plenty without buying another every time I decide to read the Bible a different way.  I like the familiarity with my own notes and pages.

One train of thought is that it keeps you moving and gives you a “forest” view of the Bible, rather than getting stopped by individual “trees”.  It gives you the benefit of the “story”, reading straight through, and a foundation of OT by the time you enjoy NT, unlike some plans that are divided into some OT and some NT and some wisdom books each day.  I will miss my wisdom books (Psalms/Proverbs), and will have to see how that works out.  I liked the idea of a Psalm and one Proverb chapter a day…but, didn’t follow through with that plan the last time I tried it!

I have laid down disciplines for some time since the intensity of MasterLife and the Daniel study, just to get back into the flow of rhythms of natural prayer and grace again in my personal prayer life.  Now, I’m ready for a challenge again.

Stacy at Sweet Solace will be joining me for sure.  If you want to jump on board, feel free to take up the challenge.

I want to post links to the days in BibleGateway here, because I’ve only found them in NIV and sometimes I like a quick computer switch for ease of cut and paste.  I have made a tab to link to BibleGateway above.  I may post my notes there after each, I don’t yet know. 

The reading plan is based on 12 pages of Bible reading per day.   Did you know that the Bible can be read for audio tape and recorded in 70-77 hours, depending on the version read?  If that is the case, surely, SURELY, we can do this! 

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