Posted by: Maggie | September 18, 2007

You’ll Want to See the Father Hold Me…


Oh, Kim…this did my heart good tonight!

But I know you’ll want to see my Father hold me through these trials”

were the words you were looking for at the moment this frame was inserted.  Oh, yes, we do!!!

Fast forward exactly one week past this heart felt moment (me, just below these outstretched arms, double over in stomach pain with a virus–she was having a MUCH better time than I was at that moment!) and…a cancer diagnosis.

And fast forward just three days still more, and what do you find?  A worshipper.  Same posture, leading hundreds herself as a vocalist in worship, with a newfound cancer diagnosis.  Glory to Jesus!

Oh, how good He is!!!

View video in it’s entirety at this link. (Yes, it’s worth it!)  This frame comes up 1:19-1:26 minutes into the slideshow on The Deeper Still blog.


Yup, Kim…certainly worth autographing! (A white, or pink gel pen? Hmmm…), and I want one!

Hang in there, sister!   We love you!

Photos: Deeper Still blog


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