Posted by: Maggie | September 26, 2007

Thoughts on Leviticus, Part 1

Okay, well…I thought I was finished with my Leviticus reading for today.  When I looked again and found I had two more chapters to go, I’ll be honest, my head fell into the palm of my hand…konk.

NOW, I’m half-way through.  I love Leviticus for one major reason.  It establishes that God HAS to do something with our sin.  He CANNOT dwell in the midst of it.  It can’t just be forgiven or forgotten without blood being shed for it.  If we don’t die, something HAS to die for it. 

This sets Christianity and God’s plan apart from so many religions in the world.  There are not just “bad guys” and “good guys”, or “friends of God” and “evil people” warring it out for God’s favor!

No!  God made a plan for sin.  He showed it through his people Israel, then extended that plan to the whole world!  Everyone who would receive the price of the blood shed for sin.

In our day and age, people don’t get “blood” and “sin” and all that.  They don’t want to hear something that sounds fanatical.  But, read Leviticus and tell me…what does God require for sin?  He was serious about it.  Only in that way could the children of Israel have his favor.  So, later he establishes that he wants repentance, and after that…that Jesus would be the final sacrifice.  Perfect, holy, and atoning for the sin of all time.

THAT is why I love Leviticus. 


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