Posted by: Maggie | October 4, 2007

Search Strings

Last Few Day’s Search Strings That Landed People on This Blog:  You just gotta love it.


  • not fall asleep:  (I didn’t help this person!)  
  • how to not fall asleep while reading:  (nor this one!)
  • “m & ms” + prayer: (interesting combination on a search string…chocolate, and prayer, whichever works.  I like this person.  See my sidebar…Memorize and Meditate, or “M&Ms” for short)
  • bible quote for statues:  (so, they are looking for a quote to put on a statue by searching Google?  Okay.)
  • Moses thoughts on the exodus:  (I didn’t get into Moses’s thoughts…didn’t really seem relevant). 


It doesn’t take much to entertain me, obviously.


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