Posted by: Maggie | October 6, 2007

Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges: Overall Impression

Thank goodness, somehow I got back on track with reading.  I thought I was getting behind yesterday (AUGH!!!), but, ended up being a bit ahead at today’s end!  The boys had their birthday sleepover here last night and were playing PlayStation II.  I slipped away to my favorite reading chair (a gift of an old chair from a friend I recovered), and read a bit, and coughed a bit, and fell asleep. 

The Hub adjusted my meds and I slept so well and coughed much less today!  I praise the Lord after a week of hacking my head off!  Aaah.

So, tomorrow begins Ruth.  The reward is right now like reading a thick, long novel, the sweet feeling of seeing the bookmark behind a good inch of white paper now!  19 days since I began:  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and now Judges behind me.  A sorrowful thing to close out a book and not have time for notes and questions, but I’ll be back!

I’m so amazed at the cohesiveness of a straight-through read.  Rewarding so far, and something I’d recommend, but not for those with no down time.   It’s pretty consuming.  I’m reading at cheerleading practices, in the morning, noontime, evening, and night.  But, that’s the beauty of it, too.

I have so much to ponder.  Mainly, through my days, the Lord brings to mind little pieces and parts of ideas and stoires not “Sunday School lessons, but just “life”.  In my margin, I write “WOW”!  Not necessarily because the story is “wow-some”, but because.. I’m stunned that I’ve never heard it before

For example, I did not know that God has parted the waters twice.  If I did, I certainly forgot.  Once getting the people out of Egypt, and again getting them across the Jordan, only the requirements for them in the process was different.  I also did not know that not once, but twice were cities so sinful that men demanded that a guest in the town come out that they may have sex with them.  Not just Sodom!  It happened in an Israelite town (the Benjamities)!  It’s a little scarey what we become left to our own devices.  When the Israelites had no king, they “did as it seemed pleasing to them”.  You know what?  When “we do as it seems pleasing to us”, it ticks the Lord off.  

God as a parent.  So overwhelmingly pronounced in these books.  He KNOWS!  The highs and lows, the NEED for redundant instructions, long days, the kids who don’t listen, the rebellious, constant “judging fairness” and “discipline” issues.  He knows! 

Amazingly, only two generations after Aaron, the people knew nothing of the Lord, NOTHING of what he had done for their great grandparents.  Nothing.  Initally, God sent several “redeemers”who allowed them to come out of bondage and have peace for that generation.  Then, they’d be at peace for 40 or 80 years or so, then, the same thing would happen again:  , worship of other gods, “sinning greatly in the eyes of the Lord”, crying out…ad naseum.  They just sort of “let things slide”. OH!  WE HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL!

Eventually,  the Lord is a little tired of being “the last resort.  He says, “No.  I’m not doing this again.  Go worship your other gods and see if they will help you!”  So, yes, helping, mercy, compassion have their role parents, to a point!  Then, time for a lesson learned.   

Aaron, who followed Moses in leadership, was a warrior.  He was a great strategizer and leader.  But, when Aaron died, unlike Moses, he did not pass on the “teaching role” to someone else to shepherd the people to REMIND  All the Israelites had were a collection of priests in disjointed lands.  It seemed much easier for them to listen to a  “close” spirituality rather than a leader who was further away.  Oh!  We have to be CLOSE to the people we are leading.  We need close community of spiritual fellowship to stay strong!  We follow the one leading, sometimes with little thought as to why, or where it will take us! 

Oh!  That we would be wise and only follow the One True Living God, intentionally guiding, setting up the next generation…our own children! 



  1. Not a lot of time to comment, just wanted to say I love your comments on everything thus far and I am actually almost keeping up! I have a few chapters left of Judges and then will be moving right ahead. 🙂

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