Posted by: Maggie | October 16, 2007

I Kings, Initial Reflections

With fall break, I did well to keep up with reading.  I finally caught back up last night.  Iwoke up with another head cold, so it should be interesting to keep up this week.  Getting adjusted to public school unfortunately means that we are getting exposed to a whole new round of germs!  I think one of us has had a virus since school started!  With a famil of five, I suppose that is bound to happen.

I’d planned to catch up on some chores today, but I’d better stop sneezing first.  The rain season has begun and I want a nap…it’s only 8AM!

We need to find a big dog house…I felt sorry for the poor dog last night and went out at midnight to move a plastic table up onto her porch so that she could get some protection from the rain, but she didn’t use it. 

Well, so now I’m at Kings.  I guess the thing that stood out to me most about those records is the politics of leading.  You can either please God or please the people, but you probably won’t do both.  God held the leaders accountable for leading the people into sin by not demonlishing the Asherah poles.  It said, “He led them into sin.”  Every leader.  Every time.  Even if the leader did all the “big tasks” God had for him, he still didn’t have the joy of God for not dealing with every instance of idolatry.  God wanted their whole hearts.  Many would demolish the high places, but leave either the Asherah poles, or the golden lions that one kind had made for the people to worship.  God wanted it ALL gone.

How much are we like that, doing the big things God would ask of us.  Keeping our house “mostly clean”, but leaving remnants here or there, either out of laziness or perhaps as a fall back?  I guess God continually goes out at midnight to give us shelter, yet we keep doing the same things we’ve always done, even if it means sleeping out in the rain.  If only we’d embrace him wholeheartedly!

There was one kind, Jezebel’s husband (it’s easier to remember her name than his!).  He was considered by God to be the most wicked king to ever have lived.  It was interesting that when God sent Elijah to him to tell him of his future, the man went about mourning, tore his clothes, and was downcast.  And it says that God saw him, and he said to Elijah, “Have you seen how the king has humbled himself before me?  Because of this, the disaster I had you prophecy to him will not happen in his lifetime, but to his son.”  I thought it interesting that even the most evil king who had ever lived still had God’s attention after God pronounced judgement on him.  God has a soft heart toward the humble and repentant.  Even then, he did.  A price had to be paid…but God determined that time.  So many interesting stories.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to writing some notes soon to have for my records.  Still, the main thrill is seeing pages mount on my left hand side!  I’m 1/4 to 1/3 of the way through!  Hard to believe.  It’s been a great investment…consuming, but I can’t think of anything that would have been more rewarding.   I prayed this New Year’s to fall in love with Jesus all over again.  Just to be consumed with love for him.  Not the work.  Not the journey.  Just him.  I had no idea it would lead me to the Old Testament.



  1. I am over halfway through I Kings.

    I am totally not able to keep up right now, but I’m only a few days behind, so will hopefully catch up this week.

    I am underlining and writing a few notes here and there. Lots of good stuff! I am really, truly enjoying reading where we are at right now!

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