Posted by: Maggie | October 26, 2007

A New Season

Whew.  I can tell I wrote that last post before I’d had my morning… something.  I’d say caffeine, but I don’t drink it in the morning (my heart can’t remember when to beat, which can be a bit disconcerting, even for the toughest).  I just edited that post.  To beat all, I linked to myself from the other post.  My severe apologies if you read my posts before edits.  It’s just usually not portgood grief…pretty.

It seems each week I get to Friday with my reading….and I just want to get behind, to rest.  Friday….night off!  Then I have to catch up Sat and Sun.  That has worked fine with The Hub studying, but I don’t know about this weekend!  I got a bit behind last night, didn’t catch up today, and really need to tonight, but there are 5000 other things I need to do that I normally do on Saturday that I won’t be able to do because we’ll be out of town, no doubt with our fair share of celebrating The Hub’s big test being over!  Whew.  I get tired just writing all that….maybe not tired, but certainly out of breath. 

Time for a new season of getting it done during the day to be more free for The Fam at night! 

Lord, help and have mercy!


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