Posted by: Maggie | October 26, 2007

Job: A Quick Read

The last time I read Job, I went through and marked “lie” with every lie Job and hids friends believed or mulled based on the “inside information” I knew having read “the setup” at the beginning of the book.  It’s amazing in times of stress or testing (or even discipline) how we can torment ourselves based on limited vision.

This time, I’ve looked at Job from a broader picture.  If God took away everything I had (here, because he was so proud of Job).  Would I still praise him?  Would I blame myself?  Would I blame God?  Would I curse the day I was born,  as Job did? 

Lack of understanding can do that to us.  I have a need to understand and be understood.  God gave none of that to Job.  He just asked that Job ride it out admirably.  God wanted to show off his most commited to the enemy as a way to laugh in his face.  That’s so hard to understand.

We want to believe that God will always protect us from the enemy, attacks, keep our family safe.  Ultimately, he preserved Job’s life, but Job was man who LOVED his family.  He went so far as to offer sacrifices for his kids each day, just in case they sinned.  He cared about them and his family’s stance before God.  He was a good man, and a good father…blessed.

The point of his life was not that he stay blessed, but that he endure trials admirably. 


Big challenges to mull reading the book of Job.   


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