Posted by: Maggie | October 29, 2007


Wow.  Hard to imagine I am getting close to the half-way point.  It’s amazing how priorities do that to you…keep trodding, keep doing it, and things just happen. 

It’s shaping me every day…my mind feels more free.  I feel like I know God more than I ever have. 

Reading words David wrote just after reading of all his wars and the lineage of Israel…they just come to life in a whole new way.  Often in the past when I’ve read the Psalms, I’ve read out of my own need, searching for a sympathetic ear.  Now, I read from the viewpoint of the man I’ve come to know through the word, and I see that in all his wars and problems and fame and kingship…underneath all that was a person who stayed very transparent toward God.  A person who wanted to record, not just “the king’s annals”, but also, the most important thing…the position of his heart in reference to God.  Worship.

I’m having to sort of breeze through quickly, but am marking up my Bible like I’ve never seen a pencil before.  One day, I fear I’ll regret the marking…yet, I am going so fast, and I need some map as to where to find “that really cool verse” if I want to flip and try to find it later.  So often I’m having thought of “but remember when” and I can’t remember the book or anything…just the side of the page I read it on.  Which isn’t helpful in a book this size particularly.

Trodding on, on time…by the grace of God!  Whew.  Yes, I’m starting to break a sweat now, just in case you are wondering. I still have ten Psalms to read before bedtime and it’s 12:04.  My contacts are stuck to my eyeballs and I’m closing my eyes to type because the screen hurts my eyes.  I did have a good afternoon nap curled up like a cat in front of the fireplace.  No kids here today…just lots of NOTHING.  And we both enjoyed it.

How’s it going, Stacey?



  1. Well… I’m just in the beginning/middle of Job. I’m still trucking along but several days behind. 😦

    I will be out of town this coming weekend, too… so catching up is looking difficult. I’m not giving up though… just pretty sure that I will be using the 2 grace days and maybe a few extras. 😉

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