Posted by: Maggie | November 6, 2007

Got “Stuff” Going On? (Or…The Making of True Worshippers)

Reading the Psalms this time, I’m struck this:  worship happens to those who are in the middle of something, going through something, or have been delivered from something.

Worship is a precious gift to God when our trust is tested.

Have you ever prayed to be a rich worshipper?

God tested his people in the wilderness to find out if they were true worshippers, scripture tells us.

That means that our weekly struggles/events have everything to do with Sunday morning worship.  We are not to put ourselves in a bubble and forget all but God when we enter that room.  Don’t get me wrong, we are to lay down worry and plans and distractions.  But, David praised and worshipped because of where he found himself…not because he chose to take a “movie break” and think about God for entertainment relief for a while.

Trust is built when we bring all of what is going on, our stuff, into our worship experience.

Worship then becomes fuel for our faith and trust as we walk into the same circumstances.  We view life with a fresh perspective and hope.  Try holding the stuff up to the lens of God’s faithfulness, support, help, direction, and strength.  Let God change your outlook, your week, and your agenda.

You can’t help but worship a God who changes your life, your heart, and your mind.  Only He can truly free you from the worry as you worship.

Is it then up to a praise and worship leader to compel us to worship?  They can.  It is up to us to respond to our challenges with praise, song, testimony, and trust.  WE are to worship.  Only we can.  If we do not, we have not yet become true worshippers.

True worshippers need to worship to bottle rocket their faith and hope and trust to handle the week.  True worshippers know they cannot live without whole-hearted worship taking place to get them through the storm.  True worshippers “force” worship, knowing it’s the bottom line.  It’s all the matters.  It is the main point.  It is the test.  It is the help.  It is the warfare.

Both Job and the Psalmist point to ungoldy or even evil people who seem to have it all.  Easy life.  Health.  Wealth.  In those times of our similar testing, we need to remember that some disciplines and hardship are PROOF of our being sons and daughters of God.  Disciplines.  God disciplines those he loves, scripture tells us.  Our going through stuff means something.

Did you know that God tested the Israelites to prove whether or not they really worshipped him as the one true God?  Can you imagine?  Even AFTER all the miracles, signs, helps, and provisions…the word tells us they forgot, they sinned, they didn’t teach their children, and they only worshipped by flattering tongues.

I’ve heard people say, “but if only I could see the miracles the Bible times people saw…oh!  THEN I could really get it.”

I’m not so sure about that.  We are all prone to forgetting our miracles and helps.  We are prone to selfishness, greed, envy, and lack of trust.

In any case, I am struck by this:  it is the disciplines and testings of God that keep us worshipping.  They prove whether or not we are true worshippers of God.  Psalms show worship wins battles won, solve problems, and remind us his faithfulness.

Want to be a “man after God’s own heart” like David was?

Get ready to use your yuck stuff. It is the stuff that proves both God and us as His worshippers.  It is the stuff that ignites our passion and praise.  It is the stuff, surrendered to God in worship, that purifies our hearts.


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