Posted by: Maggie | November 22, 2007

Proverbs – Jeremiah

The holidays and other things have made it very difficult to keep journaling as I’ve read, but the impact on me stays strong.

Proverbs…every adult needs to re-read those to know how to walk in wisdom.  A straight read-through is so compelling to walk in wisdom, choose only paths that are firm.  Do we really give thought to what God calls “firm paths”?  Watching our finances, debt, agreements, and living a life of submissive obedience to the voice of wisdom?  So many people say, “But I didn’t even know!”  But, Proverbs said that wisdom, while hidden, and precious as a jewel we search long and hard for…she also “does not hide herself, she shouts from the street corners” but few listen.  Something hidden, and revealed…such a mystery.

Song of Solomon:  talk about enriching your thoughts toward your spouse.  That’s on my recommended list.  Such passion and realness.

Isaiah:  I’m amazed at a book I used to call one of my favorites, how hard it was this time for me to read the first half.  I love portions of Isaiah, but all the destruction prophecied for disobedience is hard to labor through.  I feel sorry for the weight the prophets carried for the people to try to get them to see the depth of their sin, sin they had grown blind toward.  Some beautiful lines and poetry are there for memorizing, but mark them well or you’ll never want to re-read to find them.  They follow thoughts of intense anger from God and destruction, yet his heart is still one of love and deep compassion for them.  I call it the book of “tough love”.

Jeremiah:  Jeremiah’s youth has touched me this time.  When God wanted him to do something, he pushed him so hard physically, mentally, and emotionally that he was nearly sick, so he had to do it.  Being saved at a young age, and having experienced some sense of that at times, I could understand Jeremiah’s frustrations dealing with things too deep for him.  Jeremiah had a very strong godly fear as a result.  

Having gotten a little bogged down in prophecy, I entertained myself reading some of the material in my NIV Study Bible on the literary elements of the book for a break.   It’s a shame we miss out on some of the cool rhyming structure in translation.  For example, assonance and alliteration found in Isa. 24:17 we read “terror and pit and snare”…they would have read, “pahad, pahat, pah”.  (Sounds like the makings of a rap song to me.)  Jeremiah 48:43 does a similar thing.  We read “terror and pit and snare”, while he wrote:  pahad wapahat wapah (he must have heard the same rap song and wanted to write something similar, but a but different). 😀



  1. Ok, sister… here’s where I’m at. Somewhere between fall break and Election Day-weekend-in-Gatlinburg, I hit a roadblock smack in the middle of Psalms.

    I need to break out of it and FINALLY yesterday and today have felt the desire to jump back on the 90-day wagon. I’m pretty sure that I will not be completing it anywhere near 90-days, but I am going to attempt to read the 12 pages/day again.

    I hope to have something to add to your thoughts soon!

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