Posted by: Maggie | November 30, 2007


This week has been a tough week.  A week of transitions and transitioning. 

Lamentations did not strike me as the abrupt change in reading I dreaded.  It was, instead, a continuum from Jeremiah.  The people would read the Lamentations each year, to remind them of the time of the Lord’s disciplines. 

Ezekial proved a hard read for me…it is the longest book in the Bible, a surprise to me.  It was, again, like listening to a parent trying to speak to a rebellious, hard-hearted teen.  The same message, over and over and over, the same visions…and no response. 

God made it clear that their troubles were a result of their own choices, and he said, “and after I do ______, then you will know that I am the Lord.”  I don’t think that we often thing of the disciplines of life as coming from the Lord wanting to make his Lordship known to us, but humility oven does have that end result.

Daniel, I studied not long ago with Beth Moore, but reading it right after reading of God’s intense anger during that time put the high favor and attention to individual persons God still had for some.  Yes, he was humbling the country of Israel, but to the faithful few, he still proved himself not only faithful, but able to bring new nations to him through those select few like Daniel and friends.

Today, I finish Daniel (8 to end) and read Hosea.  I hope to catch up today after having needed seasonal holiday time a few days this week, having dealt with the chaos at the schools, and my MILs surgery.  I hid out in a quiet room at the hospital for a while today during the surgery and got one day caught up…I’m still one behind.  I keep the perspective of college classes I used to have…the “test is coming, I MUST get caught up or I will not make it”.  If it worked then, for information I often detested…how much more committed should I be to something I love, love, LOVE!  Thank you, Lord for this time to find all the fun things.

Last night’s “delight” was the God decorated the “new tabernacle” with cherubs and palm trees in Ezekiel’s visions, both inside and outside the temple.  Seems I recall with the first temple, he was all about the linen ephod embroidery and tulips on the candlesticks.  So, his fashion trends changed a bit!  I’m sure that was more to it than that, but I loved it.  Cubit this and cubit that…on and on and on with the cubits, and then, all of a sudden, we hit, something like: “and there were cherubs and palm trees carbed into the woodwork, both inside on the walls and outside”.  It just cracked me up.


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