Posted by: Maggie | March 11, 2008

Picking Back Up on Some Reading, But Still Paused on 90 Days

Okay, so I have not yet taken up my last 45 days of my 90 Day reading plan yet, mainly because it seemed there were some jealousy issues over the devotion I had to it the first time around.  I almost enjoyed it TOO much if that is possible.  I’m not sure how to reconcile this issue, except that perhaps that is why God tells us to do our praying in a closet and keep it there.  I was a little annoyed at this aspect of the program, but that’s sometimes why small steps are better than “pushing hard” marathon projects.  In any case, I’d like to finish if I can justify the time somewhere. 

However, I need to be in the word right now, so I’m going to pick up and work on my meditation cards.  I’ll try to post a picture of how I’ve been doing that for about 15 years and how it works best for me and why, but for tonight, I’m just going to type out some responses to the scriptures I’m reading and see how that goes.


  1. I am trying to continue. I am keeping my bookmark in the spot I last read and each time I read my Bible at home, I try to make a little progress. There is no longer any means for me to feel like I am doing something “special” because obviously, I fell off the 90 day wagon, but I do hope to read front to back before the year mark.

    I also love your method of memory cards. I add to mine every so often and they have become very special to me!

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