Posted by: Maggie | March 12, 2008

My Bible Memory Note Card Binder and Cover


Okay, so I promised a photo.  Here is my little cloth book binder.  The brand on it is Larenda.  In tiny print, I think it says below that Vacavilla, California.


These two ring binders I bought at Wal*Mart in the school supply-office section fit in it just right.  They hold a lot of two-hole punch cards.  I have a couple of binders I keep and rotate cards between the two for “current” and “storage”.  Wal*Mart carries them.  They sold pre-punched cards for them as well.  I punched my old ones and bought some pre-punched new ones as well for ease of use.  I prefer buying then already done so that I don’t poke a hole through my reference trying to get them ready for binding, which seems to happen a lot.


I often include the same verse in more than one version for meditating, though I tend to memorize in NIV.  I find that I often have to go  Bible Gateway to look for something I read and remembered floating in my mind from the Amplified version–I usually remember enough of a phrase to go look up the whole thing.

It’s been one of the best thing from my 20s I’ll keep forever.  I need to get back in the habit of using it.  I seem to revert back to the practice in the hardest times…good medicine.


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