Posted by: Maggie | January 2, 2011

God Sightings Begins: FREE Online Companion

A new year, a new goal.  Praying about how to incorporate “God Sightings” the church is doing with how to teach my kids how to see God.  Our church is reading only through the New Testament readings  in a year and looking for particular “God Sightings”using the God sitings companion journal.  I will be reading the assignments on at the God Sightings website.

I checked a sample of the reading companion online, and found that it would require 5 copies for each member of our family…a lot to purchase and keep up with, though averaged out over a year, not too bad.  Still, was looking for a way to us to find the assignments and share with one another without all the literature.  Turns out there is a virtual companion guide online.   I can’t seem to get my God Sightings journal to save there, so I’m going to copy and paste my journal here on a free blog for now.  This may move to facebook, but I want to explore that idea with church staff first.

Assignment: Week 1  (abridged) “This week, look for beginnings. For new life. Fresh starts. Clean slates. You’ll see them everywhere. And each beginning is an echo of God’s creative work in the world—a God Sighting.”

DATE:  Sunday, Jan. 1-2, 2010

  • Seeing the birth of new baby Jenkins, and the new liver function of her little sister, Cassidy
  • The new year.
  • New technological ways we can view God together.
  • Renewed health in myself after a cold.
  • Fresh clean rooms after post-Christmas clutter.
  • Clean desk.  Clean calendars.
  • New points of view (see below).

The other day I was doing laundry and thought, “I don’t feel like doing this right now.  There are other things…” and I heard from Jesus, “I do.”  I said, “Well, you go to it then!”  He did do it.  And I stopped.  Only  my hands kept going, and there was new attitude…His.   He wants to serve, bless, meets needs, above all other agendas.  How great He is!

I want to invite you to join below in comments to share your God Sightings.  I’m not in a Sunday School class due to teaching, so I will enjoy other people’s “spottings”.


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