Posted by: Maggie | January 5, 2011

God Sightings Today, Day 5

Today’s reading was The Sermon on the Mount.

The scripture that stood out most to me was when we show mercy, will will be shown mercy.  I have a situation where I probably need to show mercy.  Sometimes, a cause is worth more than petty emotion. I’ll keep praying.  “Love overlooks an offense.”  I Cor. 13.

God Sightings:

I can’t say that I saw “newness” today, per the instructions for this week, but God was my help and rescue several times, and showed me favor when I needed it to help one of my kids at school.  My gas pedal on my van got stuck today, even more than it has been on a daily basis right after I back out of the garage.  My husband got me all settled down and safe, and a mechanic gave me good advice.  I’ll hopefully get that taken care of tomorrow.

As to newness…FedEx brought my new microwave I ordered exactly a month ago.  Whew.  For about six months, I’ve functioned with only the 4,5,7, and 8 buttons–I’m very excited about getting it installed.

NEWNESS!  It is good!

No kid’s church tonight, so I brought the youngest home and caught up on my NT reading during church.  I hope to get both trees down tonight before frigid weather hits next week.  (Update:  one tree down, two remaining.  Hope to get much cleaning down tomorrow.)

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