Posted by: Maggie | January 7, 2011

Day 7, God Sightings

Sometimes God is in special moments.  Fun.  Joy. Sharing.  This was one of those moments.  My girl got a new Barbie fingernail printer for his big Christmas gift.  She is helping get her Mamaw all dolled up and refreshed.  They giggled, played, and had fun.


My big guy, playing basketball away, sick, toughing it out, resolved to make it through the week and pursue dreams and goals.   Sick as a dog.

Newness in my daughter, such a young lady now.  Showing responsibility, making her own decisions, trying new things, reaching for goals, considering the future, pursuing clubs that require work because she knows it’s good for her.

Newness in my youngest, feeling like a big guy with his new iPod touch (courtesy of Big Brother, who got an upgraded version for Christmas).

Scripture Today: Sermon on the Mount, Part B

The privacy of the most genuine spirituality.

The gift of service is  to God.  Quietly.

No personal reward needed or sought except His.

All…especially for Him, only for Him.

Not shared.

Purity of heart, simplicity of approach.

Honest.  Genuine.  Personal.


Lord, help me to remember that you desire a quiet gift of service, not a loud one.  You desire a personal approach to you over a public one.  All for you.  Quiet, pure, service.


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