Posted by: Maggie | June 24, 2016


Hello.  I’ve not written here in a while.  Just wanted to check in and say that I’ve read the book”Captivating” in the last two days. I’d found myself singing the Watermark song out loud for some reason all day, and then saw the book laying on a stack from the water leak and it just seemed I should read it.

I think it speaks to the heart of a women in some interesting ways.  I’d like to read Wild At Heart as well, but can’t find my copy in the chaos.  I think gentleness and humility are great to see in Christian men, but it often steals the strength and boldness and courage the world needs and people need from them to stand up and be heard.  People want to hear from leaders. People are sheep looking for a shepherd, and whatever is moving and speaking in front of them, that is what they will follow.  Of all the people who are speaking and leading, why not us?  We have a story to tell, words to speak, depth to share, and yet, we sit back because we are humble, we honor others, we are polite, we defer.  And yet…because of that, we rob the world of our voice.  We rob the world of truth.  We rob the world of passion and youth and experience and joy and life.  We sit back and are silent and we let life pass.  And sheep get bored and fall away because we are polite.

It’s time to be bold.  Set an expectation.  Raise a barre.  Tell a story.  Be brave.  Raise our walls.  Defend our boundaries.  Stake our claim.  Stretch our limits.  Run toward the horizons.  Not be afraid of failure.  Not bow to a criticism or two.  But to use the gifts and talents and abilities we have.  To give life and hope, and joy and to encourage one another daily to press forward to the high calling that is in Christ Jesus.  Today is the day to move forward and stop being so nice.  The world wants to hear from you.  Only you can tell your story the way you can tell it.  No one else can write your song.  No one else can speak your words.  No one else can see what you see.  No one else can celebrate your joys or express your sorrows.  And the world needs that realness to connect with every other truth.  They need real life.  Real people.  Connecting with realness in others with the real in themselves…that leads to real worship, real connection with God and with something deep within themselves that just singing songs and just listening alone to random people cannot do.

Let it keep going.  More.


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