Posted by: Maggie | December 27, 2017

Post Holiday Fatigue

I think I hit this emotional wall after every holiday season.  I love time with family, but start missing routing and time with friends and a decluttered house…and I have a minute to look at what my normal is.  I love my gifts and once I get my “wanter” going, I inevitably want more than I’m willing to pay for.

I feel like I shoot myself in the foot so often, but I know I just over-evaluate everything.

I feel like I want to sit in a warm spot and never move and conquer the world all at once.

And I see my kids afresh and pray for them…where they are…their needs.

And I wonder at this stage in my own life what is next.  What You designed for me.  And wonder if I’m being faithful enough, find enough, clean enough, wife enough.  Too much Christmas music and not enough worship, I guess.

I know these feelings and stages pass.  Life takse care of itself without a lot of effort on my part…always has.  And I’m so blessed with great friends and family, in spirt of all the challenges.

Just…this winterized longing for more.  Not sure how to pray or what to ask for, but knowing You have a good life in store for those who love you.

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