About Me

This blog was started as a tool to help me focus soley on 10 weeks of discipleship addressing challenges posted here.

I am a blessed wife and mother of three, and desire to maintain a passion for God’s word.  Even in midst of the chaos and craziness of living–it sustains!  

Proverbs 31 says that I should watch diligently over my household…staying spiritually in tune should help me with that task!

This journal is documenting 10 weeks of commitment with our church, AND it is a place to record my 90 day Marathon of reading the Bible through.  I’ll basically “do my homework” here.




  1. This is a blog for study. My other blog: http://www.5purposedriven.wordpress.com is my “daily” blog.

    I make myself do my homework here before I go over there, even if I copy and paste some of these posts over there. Make sense? I thought not. In any case, that’s the way it is, for now!

  2. God bless you Maggie your thoughts are extremely encouraging and I love your sidebars. I’m going to let myself get inspired by a few of your “10 weeks of commitment goals” and also by your style of making notes from your readings… 🙂


  3. why do no one loves me for who i am

    • Tell me more about your experience or email me at funnybandaids{at}gmail{dot}com. I am happy to talk with you. I have hope for you.

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