Posted by: Maggie | December 27, 2017

Post Holiday Fatigue

I think I hit this emotional wall after every holiday season.  I love time with family, but start missing routing and time with friends and a decluttered house…and I have a minute to look at what my normal is.  I love my gifts and once I get my “wanter” going, I inevitably want more than I’m willing to pay for.

I feel like I shoot myself in the foot so often, but I know I just over-evaluate everything.

I feel like I want to sit in a warm spot and never move and conquer the world all at once.

And I see my kids afresh and pray for them…where they are…their needs.

And I wonder at this stage in my own life what is next.  What You designed for me.  And wonder if I’m being faithful enough, find enough, clean enough, wife enough.  Too much Christmas music and not enough worship, I guess.

I know these feelings and stages pass.  Life takse care of itself without a lot of effort on my part…always has.  And I’m so blessed with great friends and family, in spirt of all the challenges.

Just…this winterized longing for more.  Not sure how to pray or what to ask for, but knowing You have a good life in store for those who love you.

Posted by: Maggie | June 24, 2016


Hello.  I’ve not written here in a while.  Just wanted to check in and say that I’ve read the book”Captivating” in the last two days. I’d found myself singing the Watermark song out loud for some reason all day, and then saw the book laying on a stack from the water leak and it just seemed I should read it.

I think it speaks to the heart of a women in some interesting ways.  I’d like to read Wild At Heart as well, but can’t find my copy in the chaos.  I think gentleness and humility are great to see in Christian men, but it often steals the strength and boldness and courage the world needs and people need from them to stand up and be heard.  People want to hear from leaders. People are sheep looking for a shepherd, and whatever is moving and speaking in front of them, that is what they will follow.  Of all the people who are speaking and leading, why not us?  We have a story to tell, words to speak, depth to share, and yet, we sit back because we are humble, we honor others, we are polite, we defer.  And yet…because of that, we rob the world of our voice.  We rob the world of truth.  We rob the world of passion and youth and experience and joy and life.  We sit back and are silent and we let life pass.  And sheep get bored and fall away because we are polite.

It’s time to be bold.  Set an expectation.  Raise a barre.  Tell a story.  Be brave.  Raise our walls.  Defend our boundaries.  Stake our claim.  Stretch our limits.  Run toward the horizons.  Not be afraid of failure.  Not bow to a criticism or two.  But to use the gifts and talents and abilities we have.  To give life and hope, and joy and to encourage one another daily to press forward to the high calling that is in Christ Jesus.  Today is the day to move forward and stop being so nice.  The world wants to hear from you.  Only you can tell your story the way you can tell it.  No one else can write your song.  No one else can speak your words.  No one else can see what you see.  No one else can celebrate your joys or express your sorrows.  And the world needs that realness to connect with every other truth.  They need real life.  Real people.  Connecting with realness in others with the real in themselves…that leads to real worship, real connection with God and with something deep within themselves that just singing songs and just listening alone to random people cannot do.

Let it keep going.  More.


Posted by: Maggie | November 26, 2011

1000 Gifts

1000 Gifts:  I mostly write my own personal notes in a journal, but I may post here from time to time, just to have multiple methods for writing.  I also have trouble counting and find it distracting.  But, I have found the practice of having one journal and only allowing myself to write thankful thoughts helps pull my mind from depression, worry, and the endless cycle of “trying to figure things out” instead of a simple trust in God found through only allowing thanksgiving in those entries.  I have found that it helps me look back through the last days with God’s lens instead of my own, fraught with fears, doubts, anxieties, and insecurities.  Writing my thanks has changed my life.  I am more relaxed, more trusting, less controlling.  I still have so far to go…so I keep writing!

Posted by: Maggie | January 7, 2011

Day 7, God Sightings

Sometimes God is in special moments.  Fun.  Joy. Sharing.  This was one of those moments.  My girl got a new Barbie fingernail printer for his big Christmas gift.  She is helping get her Mamaw all dolled up and refreshed.  They giggled, played, and had fun.


My big guy, playing basketball away, sick, toughing it out, resolved to make it through the week and pursue dreams and goals.   Sick as a dog.

Newness in my daughter, such a young lady now.  Showing responsibility, making her own decisions, trying new things, reaching for goals, considering the future, pursuing clubs that require work because she knows it’s good for her.

Newness in my youngest, feeling like a big guy with his new iPod touch (courtesy of Big Brother, who got an upgraded version for Christmas).

Scripture Today: Sermon on the Mount, Part B

The privacy of the most genuine spirituality.

The gift of service is  to God.  Quietly.

No personal reward needed or sought except His.

All…especially for Him, only for Him.

Not shared.

Purity of heart, simplicity of approach.

Honest.  Genuine.  Personal.


Lord, help me to remember that you desire a quiet gift of service, not a loud one.  You desire a personal approach to you over a public one.  All for you.  Quiet, pure, service.


Posted by: Maggie | January 5, 2011

God Sightings Today, Day 5

Today’s reading was The Sermon on the Mount.

The scripture that stood out most to me was when we show mercy, will will be shown mercy.  I have a situation where I probably need to show mercy.  Sometimes, a cause is worth more than petty emotion. I’ll keep praying.  “Love overlooks an offense.”  I Cor. 13.

God Sightings:

I can’t say that I saw “newness” today, per the instructions for this week, but God was my help and rescue several times, and showed me favor when I needed it to help one of my kids at school.  My gas pedal on my van got stuck today, even more than it has been on a daily basis right after I back out of the garage.  My husband got me all settled down and safe, and a mechanic gave me good advice.  I’ll hopefully get that taken care of tomorrow.

As to newness…FedEx brought my new microwave I ordered exactly a month ago.  Whew.  For about six months, I’ve functioned with only the 4,5,7, and 8 buttons–I’m very excited about getting it installed.

NEWNESS!  It is good!

No kid’s church tonight, so I brought the youngest home and caught up on my NT reading during church.  I hope to get both trees down tonight before frigid weather hits next week.  (Update:  one tree down, two remaining.  Hope to get much cleaning down tomorrow.)

Posted by: Maggie | January 3, 2011

God Sightings, Day 3 Journal

Matthew 4

Food for thought:

After Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert, then was tempted and withstood, his healing ministry began.

When Jesus saw people working, he turned those skills into evangelism skills, and they were fulfilled in that calling.

God sightings:

Today has been a trying day.  Waiting at businesses, no service, waiting more, distracted service, conversational service.  So hard to slow down, be sweet, and just let the day “be”.

I saw God…

changing my attitude, making it new, calling me to embrace the “clean up” jobs that seem more monotonous with the family gone back to work and school.  Filling the day, dirty clothes, dirty dishes, clean clothes, clean dishes, drying clothes, drying dishes, putting away clothes, putting away dishes.   And in between, crums, and cooking, and stresses, and demands.


Lord, help me embrace the scripture I read from my friend, Laura, today on facebook.  “‎”Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can undersatnd. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus” –
Philippians 4:6-7


I am worried about one of my kids.  How easy it is to miss something at school that causes them to not succeed.  Lord, fix that!  I am so dependent on what they tell me, and notes they write.  Sometimes their success is dependent on things they are not just strong in yet, and it’s frustrating.  I want to help them learn in spite of some of their weak areas–give me patience and insight. Give us favor to help us when things get tough.

I See God: Trying to help me slow down.  Giving me peace.  Helping me serve my family.

Posted by: Maggie | January 2, 2011

God Sightings Begins: FREE Online Companion

A new year, a new goal.  Praying about how to incorporate “God Sightings” the church is doing with how to teach my kids how to see God.  Our church is reading only through the New Testament readings  in a year and looking for particular “God Sightings”using the God sitings companion journal.  I will be reading the assignments on at the God Sightings website.

I checked a sample of the reading companion online, and found that it would require 5 copies for each member of our family…a lot to purchase and keep up with, though averaged out over a year, not too bad.  Still, was looking for a way to us to find the assignments and share with one another without all the literature.  Turns out there is a virtual companion guide online.   I can’t seem to get my God Sightings journal to save there, so I’m going to copy and paste my journal here on a free blog for now.  This may move to facebook, but I want to explore that idea with church staff first.

Assignment: Week 1  (abridged) “This week, look for beginnings. For new life. Fresh starts. Clean slates. You’ll see them everywhere. And each beginning is an echo of God’s creative work in the world—a God Sighting.”

DATE:  Sunday, Jan. 1-2, 2010

  • Seeing the birth of new baby Jenkins, and the new liver function of her little sister, Cassidy
  • The new year.
  • New technological ways we can view God together.
  • Renewed health in myself after a cold.
  • Fresh clean rooms after post-Christmas clutter.
  • Clean desk.  Clean calendars.
  • New points of view (see below).

The other day I was doing laundry and thought, “I don’t feel like doing this right now.  There are other things…” and I heard from Jesus, “I do.”  I said, “Well, you go to it then!”  He did do it.  And I stopped.  Only  my hands kept going, and there was new attitude…His.   He wants to serve, bless, meets needs, above all other agendas.  How great He is!

I want to invite you to join below in comments to share your God Sightings.  I’m not in a Sunday School class due to teaching, so I will enjoy other people’s “spottings”.

Posted by: Maggie | January 2, 2011

God Sightings Day 2 Journal

God Sightings – Day 2




Thoughtful observations:  dish cleaning brushes, one rounded and soft, one hard and square.  Both needed.

Reading Matthew 3–Jesus Baptized by John, and Tempted


  • Jesus, the most powerful on earth, was tempted with power
  • Jesus, the bread of life, was tempted with bread
  • Jesus, the miracle man, was tempted with magic

Satan does not necessarily tempt us in our weakest areas, but often in our strongest, our very identity, twisting the truth just enough to turn focus on self rather than others.

Posted by: Maggie | August 4, 2008

Mother Teresa says…

“We shall not waste our time in looking for extraordinary experiences in our life, but live by pure faith, ever watchful and ready for his coming by doing our day-to-day duties with extraordinary love and devotion.”

Posted by: Maggie | July 17, 2008

He Carried It All

This morning, awoke after the dog barking.  Then fitful, frustrating dreams.  Boy Wonder was already awake when I got up to check morning mail.

Went back to bed to pray and said, “Give me anything, Lord.  Encourage me today.”

I love verses read many times that come to place, even if it is not “the voice of the Lord”, it is the word of the Lord.

The word said, “Surely he has born our griefs and carried our sorrows.”

Isaiah 53:4
Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows,

He has.  Praise God he has.  I may as well let him do what he already did.  And let go.  And praise him all the more.  He “took them up”.  He “carried them”.  If the Lord of the universe has done this for me…why on earth would I want to pick them and try to carry them?  He is mighty and strong.  He could, and he did.  I thank Him.  I let them go, and praise Him that he took the weight of them.

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